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Let's Use American Energy and Create a Stronger Middle Class


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We're going to be offering solutions. We're going to be offering ideas to get this economy growing. Specifically, you see it right there on the wall.

The Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class, a specific agenda to get higher take-home pay, more jobs in this economy.

It's an agenda with a goal of creating 12 million jobs in the first four years. That's 345,000 jobs right here in Virginia. Grow our economy, reignite opportunity. There's no reason why we can't grow the economy at 4 percent instead of the stalemate we have right now. But it's going to take leadership.

It's going to take decision-making. It's going to take a plan. Number one, this is so true in Virginia as it is in so many other parts of America. We have got a lot of energy in the country; let's use that energy in this country.

Energy independence. All of the above: coal, gas, oil, nuclear, renewables. All of it. We have it, let's use it. Let's lower gas prices, lower home heating prices. That helps the economy. It creates jobs.

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