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Paul Ryan: Getting Out of Dodge


Location: Unknown

Below is a statement from Lisa Tanner, campaign manager for Rob Zerban for Congress, regarding recent reports of Congressman Paul Ryan's camp leaking to reporters that he is being vetted for the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination.

"This is a classic case of a politician who will say and do anything to stay in office, to continue to enjoy the perks, and Ryan sells the people of southeast Wisconsin down the river. It is sad, but unfortunately, exactly what people in Wisconsin have come to expect."

"Congressman Ryan knows people in Wisconsin understand just how out of touch with our state he really is, and Ryan knows he's in danger of losing his job in Washington to Rob Zerban -- an actual job creator with real-world budgeting experience.

"In recent days, speculation around Ryan has swirled. Ryan's credibility is tarnished after he wrote unpopular proposals including privatizing Social Security and Medicare as well as slashing financial aid for college and veterans care. These attacks on seniors and middle-class families in Wisconsin got him big contributions from Wall Street and private health insurance companies, but they hurt Wisconsin's economy.

"In addition to his budgets, Ryan submitted his 2012 financial disclosure statement where he maintains up to $500,000 in college education savings plans for two of his children. Ryan lavishly endows his children yet votes to double the interest rates on Pell Grants and Stafford Loans. This means 165,000 Wisconsin students, and their parents, are going to have to dig deep to pay for the education they need to get the job they want. Ryan also disclosed in 2011 that he nearly doubles his official yearly Congressional salary of $174,000.00 with his holdings related to Big Oil. Continued media scrutiny of this information will surely speak to voters.

"Ryan is now facing a well-funded and serious challenge for arguably the first time in his political career. Rob Zerban's campaign has raised close to $1 million, more than all previous challengers combined in individual donations. The campaign will ensure that the same majority that elected President Obama with 52% of the vote will vote Paul Ryan out.

"We are confident we will prevail this fall and will continue to partner with the people of Wisconsin to finish the job of the economic recovery."

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