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Blog: More Than Ever, Every Vote Counts


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Not long ago someone wrote the Democrats in Missouri need a one hundred fourteen county strategy. Since my first statewide race, that's how I've operated. As State Auditor I visited every county and met face to face with the people my work affected.

As Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party I followed the same path, just as I have in my campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

Big cities are important, no doubt, but we must make it clear to voters in small towns and rural areas that we as Democrats are equally committed to the needs and concerns of all Missourians.

There was no Republican surge in 2010. The so-called shellacking we received at the polls was self-inflicted. Plain and simple, Democrats stayed home that year and the results were devastating.

We cannot afford a similar voter turnout in this election. We must turn out and vote this year all across the state and it needs to start today with the primary, on August 7th.

It might sound strange to say it, but Democrats need to take Democratic ballots. If you want to vote against a Republican, do it in the November general election, not in a primary where good Democrats need your support.

Do not forget to take a stand on the vitally important ballot initiatives as well.

More than ever, every vote counts.

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