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Blog: We Did It! No Party Until November


Location: Unknown

Both the campaign office phone and my cell phone kept ringing with the same question, "Where is your Primary Watch Party taking place?"

I told everyone the same thing, "We're staying home. My staff and I have to be up early the next day to work on the general election."

In actuality, we've been working toward the general election all along. Confident that I am the best candidate running for Lieutenant Governor, I've always believed the voters would make me the Democratic nominee. Now it's time to unite both the party and our efforts in winning in November, and we have our work cut out for us.

In Peter Kinder we face a tough, two-term incumbent many had written off. Obviously, he's not as damaged as they thought. Even though he nearly depleted his war chest engaging in one of the ugliest campaigns in Missouri history, he's already reloading at a rapid rate and will raise a million dollars or more in no time. You and I know there's one thing Republicans do better than Democrats: raise big money through large donations from wealthy contributors.
I intend to run a positive campaign focusing on issues, ideas and leadership: the opposite of what we witnessed in the Republican primary. To do so, I'm going to need your help. My campaign relies on the generous donations of many more Missourians, who don't write these six figure checks. Can I count on your support?

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