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Economy Slowing, But Senator Klobuchar Focuses on Raising Taxes

Press Release

Location: Bloomington, MN

Republican candidate for US Senate Kurt Bills came out swinging at his opponent Amy Klobuchar as it was announced that the US economy has been slowing.

"Amy Klobuchar is busy trying to raise taxes on small businesses as the economy is grinding to a halt," said Bills.

"Democrats are practicing medieval medicine on the economy, bleeding the patient instead of treating the illness. Raising taxes is never a good idea, but it is devastating during a recession or economic slowdown. Yet Klobuchar is blindly following President Obama and Senator Harry Reid in voting to raise taxes," Bills continued.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to extend only some of the Bush-era tax cuts, while raising taxes on larger taxpayers. At least 1.2 million small businesses would face tax increases as the economy is slowing.

The Commerce Department today revealed that the growth rate in the last fiscal quarter slowed to 1.5%, far below the level at which unemployment could decline.

"This election comes down to a very simple choice: are we going to put government first, or jobs. Klobuchar has made it clear that protecting big government is her priority," Bills concluded.

It has 1184 days since the US Senate has passed a budget. Uncertainty is poison for business planning.

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