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Medical Device Tax Should Be Repealed


Location: Bloomington, MN

By Kurt Bills

The Affordable Care Act is a disaster.

Of the many provisions likely to harm Minnesota's economy, one of the worst offenders is the impending 2.3% tax on medical devices that will be imposed on January 1, 2013. Kurt Bills, Republican candidate for Senate in Minnesota, is determined to repeal it.

Minnesota is home to many of the premier medical device companies in the world. Medtronic, Boston Scientific, St Jude Medical, Starkey Labs, and many other firms are either based here or have major facilities in Minnesota. They provide great jobs and a solid foundation for economic growth--and they are in danger from Obamacare.

"Obamacare should never have passed, and it should be repealed as soon as possible. My opponent Amy Klobuchar was the deciding vote in passing not only Obamacare itself, but the medical device tax that is crippling the medical device industry. Whatever the Supreme Court decides this Thursday, Congress should move to repeal the device tax immediately," said Bills.

Obamacare directly threatens Minnesota's medical device industry, and we are already seeing the results. Layoffs and other cutbacks at medical device companies across the nation, including Minnesota, are clearly related to Obamacare's provisions.

Klobuchar claims to support repealing the device tax, but was the key vote for putting it in place. It is also an important mechanism for funding Obamacare.

"Senator Klobuchar voted for the medical device tax before she was against it. That's not leadership, it's followership," said Bills.

"Amy Klobuchar was so determined to pass Obamacare that she threw the Minnesota economy to the wolves. Real people are losing real jobs because of the medical device tax, and I will fight to repeal it as soon as I am elected," Bills promised.

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