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Sensenbrenner Applauds Mitt Romney's Selection of Paul Ryan for Vice Presidential Running Mate


Location: Unknown

I applaud Mitt Romney's decision today to select Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Governor Romney is committed to getting our country back on track, and the Romney-Ryan team will offer the leadership this country has been craving. Paul is an individual of unquestionable character, and his vision and leadership will be tremendous assets to the ticket, and ultimately, for America.

I have had the honor of serving in the US House of Representatives with Paul since he was first elected to Congress in 1998, and count him among my close friends. In Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney chose a Vice President who has the knowledge and ability to find bold solutions to our nation's fiscal and economic crises. Paul Ryan made it a priority to deal with the fiscal mess our country faces, even when it was both hard and unpopular.

No doubt, the President will continue to run a fear-driven campaign, and ramp-up his attacks on anyone who is willing to even start the conversation about our debt crisis. While he exploits lies and rumors about Paul Ryan, our economy continues to stall. This is a campaign about fundamentally different futures for our country. We can't afford four more yeas of President Obama's failure to lead and neither can our children or grandchildren.

As a friend, I am proud of Paul Ryan and his accomplishments. As a colleague, he has proven that he is the right man for the job. And as an American, the future of our country looks bright with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan leading the charge to restore this country.

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