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The Friday Faxline

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The Friday Faxline
Issue 382, November 15, 2004

ACU sends thank you to activist judge
On election-week Friday, David A. Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, offered in a thank you letter to Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall of Massachusetts his "heartiest congratulations and thanks for almost single-handedly making possible" President Bush's re-election. Keene wrote that had it not been for Justice Marshall's rulings in favor of gay marriage and her decision to "unilaterally impose…progressive personal opinions on the law, marriage might never have become the defining issue of the 2004 presidential election." According to Keene , as a result, hundreds of thousands of traditional-values voters were mobilized to vote.

Hispanics gain clout in next term
For the first time in 100 years, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico elected a Republican-backed candidate, Luis Fortuño, as a delegate to U.S. Congress. Fortuño won the election with 48.5 percent of the vote. In addition, this week, President Bush, well known for his support of the Hispanic community, nominated White House counsel Alberto Gonzales as attorney general to replace retiring Attorney General John Ashcroft. In 2000, President Bush received 35 percent of the Hispanic vote nationwide, while in 2004, that number increased to 44 percent.

Remembering our nation's veterans
Veterans' Day is a good time to remember Americans who put their lives on the line to defend our nation. President Bush recognized the 25 million veterans in our nation at a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday. He also highlighted the 300,000 troops who have now served or are serving in Iraq . Of these brave soldiers, President Bush said, "Some of tomorrow's veterans are in combat in Iraq at this hour. They're performing that mission with skill and honor. They are making us proud. They are winning." God bless our veterans whose sacrifices throughout our nation's history have given us freedom.

Fighting in Fallujah continues
At this moment, American forces are carrying out a full-scale offensive against terrorists in Fallujah. U.S. and Iraqi forces are conducting a joint operation focused on clearing arms caches and insurgents in a door-to-door search. On Wednesday, Marines uncovered evidence of terrorists' brutalities when they discovered a bruised and starving taxi driver chained inside a house. On Thursday, the bodies of 20 foreign fighters were found outside of a local shop. Residents said the men were executed, many with a shot through the head, because they attempted to desert when the fighting began early this week. Please keep our soldiers and the Iraqis fighting by their side in your prayers.

Quote of the Week
"The Minority has not been satisfied with simply voting against the nominees - which is their right. They want to require a supermajority of 60 votes for confirmation. This would establish a new threshold that would defy the clear intent of the Framers…It silences the American people and the voices of their elected representatives."
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, 11/11/2004, in his remarks to The Federalist Society 2004 National Convention concerning the unconstitutional filibuster of President Bush's judicial nominees by Democrat senators.

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