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Betty Introduces Herself to Stillwater Voters - Q&A


Location: Unknown

Why did you choose to run?
"In this election my focus is on strengthening the economy so middle class families and small businesses have the security they need to be successful. Seniors need to know that I will protect Social Security and Medicare. Quality K-12 education and access to affordable higher education are also important issues for district residents and me. It's been an honor to receive the trust of Fourth District voters for my work in Congress and I again am asking them for their support."

What makes you a good fit for the position?
"The East Metro is my home and it always has been. I grew up in South St. Paul, raised my children in North St. Paul, and I now live in St. Paul. Throughout my public career I've worked with local elected, business, and civic leaders, regardless of political party to solve problems, bring people together, and keep our communities strong. My goal is to continue to work as a partner to keep the families, businesses and communities in the East Metro strong and vibrant."

What makes you a good fit for this district?
"Our nation is facing big issues that require Congress to make tough choices, smart cuts, and even smarter investments. My record of fiscal responsibility, investing in job creation and economic development, and fighting for middle class families reflect the views of the majority of constituents I have the privilege of serving."

What are the top three most important issues of your campaign?
Strengthening the economy and job creation with smart federal investments that spur private sector growth.
Protecting Social Security and Medicare so seniors can retire with dignity
Reducing the federal deficit through smart spending cuts, including cuts to wasteful Pentagon spending, and ending extra tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.
Why should people choose you over the other candidate(s)?
"I have a record of fighting for middle class families, working to ensure our children have great public schools and quality healthcare, and protecting Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. If some voters want a candidate to protect tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires or increase wasteful spending, I won't be their choice."

How would you work across the aisle with other representatives in Congress?
"I have a long record of working across the aisle with Republican colleagues. Only two weeks ago I worked with a conservative Republican from Georgia to co-sponsor an amendment to cut wasteful Pentagon spending that received over 200 bipartisan votes. I will always reach out to Republicans who want to work collaboratively to find consensus and compromise on common sense solutions that will move our country forward."

What do you feel you have to do to introduce yourself to Stillwater?
"The Stillwater community is a wonderful addition to the 4th Congressional District. I plan to campaign hard during the election across the district to earn the support of voters. Stillwater should expect my priorities and representation in Congress to be almost completely opposite from the current representative. I am going to continue to put the needs of families, seniors and our children ahead of Tea Party ideology. I will also put an emphasis on constituent services and working in partnership with local leaders."

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