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Growing up on the family farm I learned a strong work ethic, as everyone pitched in to get things done. I was also taught to be honest, polite and help others. Those values were reinforced through my school years and helped me to develop into the man I am today. This is a list of some of the concerns that are important to me and to our success as a county, a region, and a state.

*Family, friends, and community, which form the foundation of our lives. We need to find ways to keep both youth and experience here in Orleans County and in Vermont.

*Agriculture -- in its many forms, from large to small/dairy, beef, animal, tree, fruit, vegetable and all others, including wise use of resources -- is the foundation of our economy, and as a bonus, it brings tourism dollars into the county and into our bank accounts.

*Business -- especially small business -- provides so many jobs around the state. I will act on our need to encourage start-ups that will provide employment, with particular attention to the needs of manufacturers of durable goods in establishing their plants here.

*Tourism -- Though some discount tourism as a low-income employer, I know better. I grew up on a farm that took in guests for farm vacations, a business that my grandmother started in the 1960s. It made the difference between thriving and just getting by. Tourism drives many different businesses and provides a broad range of employment. It also brings in a huge amount of money for the state.

*Education -- Vermonters have made a commitment I intend to continue: Quality public education for our children makes a better future possible for all of us.

*Health care -- Providing affordable healthcare for all Vermonters is a measure of our basic decency and humanity as a community and a state.

*Permits -- The permit process could be improved, and the ANR should make the process more timely and predictable, while maintaining oversight to prevent unplanned development and waste of natural resources.

*Our heritage -- including the right and the ability to protect our personal and property rights, our natural environment, our rights as sportsmen and women, hunters, fishermen and women, and gun owners -- is strong and precious. I will work against any attempts to infringe on that right.

*Energy -- As much as possible our energy should be produced small and local, as close to the end user as possible, as our history shows. Bio-mass, hydro, solar and wind can all be a part of our energy portfolio without destroying the landscape for industrial-sized projects aimed primarily at generating corperate profits.

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