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By Allen Quist

At my last Town Hall meeting in Winona, I explained to those present that by 2013, the interest on our national debt will consume 20% of our federal income. And in three years, interest costs on our federal debt will be greater than our total spending on national defense.

As you may have heard, Congressman Tim Walz recently stated that his solution to our national budget crisis is to spend even more money! This kind of fantasy-land politics is taking us to financial collapse. On this matter, Tim Walz is on the same page as President Obama. Let's face it--with these deficits, we now have become a banana republic type government.

The focus of my campaign is solving the federal deficit crisis. The deficit chart on my website accompanies me wherever I speak. That picture tells the story of how many members of Congress, Tim Walz in particular, are redistributing the wealth of our children to current spending programs in order to get themselves reelected. These politicians are willing to throw our country under the bus for their own ambitions. This has to stop. That is why I am a candidate for Congress.

My leadership has played a major role in many policy issues, from uncovering and repealing the Profile of Learning in Minnesota, to uncovering the massive Marriage Tax in Obamacare, to playing a lead role in addressing the Medicaid fraud. Together with a strong grassroots army of people like yourself, we have made a huge difference. We can make an even bigger difference in the future, and with your help, we will.

But our campaign is facing an extremely important fundraising deadline at the end of this month--and your immediate contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100 or more will guarantee our campaign is able to report strong numbers. In addition, we have a donor who will match any new contribution made prior to July 1, 2012 up to 10,000 total! So your contribution of $75, for instance, will actually bring in $150. Please use this very unusual opportunity to help us be successful!

The time is short between now and the Primary Election on August 14th. My campaign has been very busy making the case with the public that we can make a difference. Town Halls, parades, personal visits, and yard signs about to be put up are just a few of the things my campaign has been doing. If you want to play a significant role in changing the direction of Congress, your contribution today will be extremely important. If you are also willing to help in parades, yard signs and Town Halls, you can reach my campaign at

Thank you for your support at this very important time.

Allen Quist

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