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Real Clear Politics - West: We're At A Perilous Time And I Will Use The Necessary Words

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"I don't care about my critics," Rep. Allen West (R-Fla) said about the response to his comments about slavery and liberal racism. "I understand that my country is at a very perilous situation and i'm going to use the type of words that are necessary to get the attention of the American people."

"I want to make sure that the United States of America, that has been around for 236 years as the beacon of liberty, freedom and democracy, continues on for our subsequent generations. Our children and grandchildren. And I really don't care about critics. I really don't care about the liberal media," West said.

"Fortune favors the bold," West said about Mitt Romney. "And the American people are looking for a bold plan of action that centers around our economic security, our energy security, our national security."

"And I say don't chase the little shining toy that the liberal media and the liberal progressives like to put out there, as you just talked about, the war on women or by some of the other means by which they want to divide us and pit us against each other," West advised Mitt Romney.

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