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Red Alert Politics - Allen West: ""Hope and Change' Is Starting To Become "Divide And Conquer'"

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Location: Unknown

During his speech at the 2012 Eagle Forum Collegians Summit, Allen West highlighted several reasons, including unemployment, why the American youth should be discontented with the actions taken by President Obama.

"The whole mantra of "Hope and Change' is starting to become "Divide and Conquer," said Congressman West. "A lot of the young people (that voted for Obama) back in 2008 who are sitting in their mommy's and daddy's basement because they don't have a job, they feel that the American dream is slipping away."

The Congressman acknowledged the tensions among those with different opinions that conservative students constantly face, especially in the media and on college campuses.

"It is hard on college campuses," West sympathized. "Some people would say you are behind enemy lines. You all are our future. And the media does not seem to want to admit that you exist."

Congressman West highlighted his own experiences with the media, joking that he was a favorite media target, and that George Soros is personally seeing to it that he gets defeated in his reelection bid.

"I mean, you're looking at the number one guy that liberals and the liberal media love to hate," said West, while laughing. "George Soros just put a $5 million dollar price tag on my head. Hi George!" West said while waving to the camera.

But even with all of the liberal hostility toward conservatives, West said that Americans must still stand up for what we believe in, because the next generation depends on us.

"Part of our DNA, part of our genome as Americans, is that we pass onto the next generation the blessings of liberty, freedom, and democracy," said Congressman West.

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