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News Channel 5 - Allen West 18th Congressional District Results: West Beats Sheriff Robert Crowder in Primary Votes

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Location: Martin County, FL

Congressman Allen West has cleared the first hurdle in his efforts to go back to Washington.

The Congressman from the 22nd District easily defeated retiring Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder in the Republican Primary for the newly formed 18th Congressional District.

West scored more than 75 percent in both Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties, and captured 64 percent of the vote in Martin County.
"This is about you taking back this country to the true constitutional conservative principles," West told supporters who packed into his Stuart campaign office.

"I think it's a testimony to all of these people here who rallied to us and went out to the streets and made this happen," he added.

West also credited his victory to getting out and talking to as many potential new constituents as he could.

"Talked to people, talk to business owners and find out what they need. Because the most important thing is to be their representative, to take their concerns to Washington DC," said the Congressman.

West said he was grateful for the support of the Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie County Republican Executive Committees even before the primary. Now the congressman turns his attention to November.

As for that next race against Democrat Patrick Murphy, West's camp has already sent word that they'd like four debates between now and Election Day. This is a race certain to get a lot of money, and a lot of attention.

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