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Blog: Obamacare Update


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Today's decision by the Supreme Court is devastating - not just because American taxpayers can't afford the $800+ billion in tax increases contained in Obamacare, not just because it cuts Medicare by half a trillion dollars, not just because small businesses can't afford to comply with the requirements in Obamacare, and not just because Americans can't keep the doctors and insurance they currently have under Obamacare - it is devastating because it gives Democrats the ability to compel Americans to do anything simply by threatening a tax penalty if they do not. You're going to hear a lot about the Supreme Court ruling and Obamacare in the coming weeks and months, but make no mistake about it, the ruling today goes far beyond Obamacare and it makes a Democrat-controlled Congress and a Democrat-controlled White House more dangerous than ever.

The Supreme Court found that although the federal government cannot legally force you to buy something (insurance in this case), they can compel you to purchase it by threatening you with tax penalties if you don't abide by their wishes. What exactly is the difference?

If the Democrats get control of Congress again, and they want to impose their will on you, they now know they can. They now know that if they can find the votes to pass a bill forcing you to buy solar panels for your roof, they have the legal authority to require it (or face a tax penalty). They have the legal authority to force you to buy a new "green-friendly" car (or face a tax penalty). And for that matter, if they start to get too concerned about your dietary choices, they know they now have the legal authority to take over your shopping list. As Justice Scalia alluded to, if the government thinks you should eat more broccoli, they can compel you to buy more broccoli by imposing a tax if you do not.

The really devastating thing about today's Supreme Court ruling isn't just that Obamacare stands. After all, with your support, we can take back the Senate and the White House and repeal it. The devastating thing is that even if we repeal Obamacare, the Court has already set the precedent. In my view, we can never again leave an election to chance. Each and every one of us has to stand up and fight at the polls. Because if people get elected in Washington who think they know better than you do what is best for you and your family, they now have the authority to force it down your throat - as long as they have the votes.

My fellow conservatives and I need your help more than ever. Today's decision by the Supreme Court changes everything. We can't sit on the sidelines and hope for the best anymore. We have to fight. Will you join me?

Now it's up to you. If you're willing to stand with me and repeal Obamacare, please make a contribution of $10 to my campaign. You can contribute by sending a check or visiting my website at Checks should be made payable to Friends of Rich Nugent and mailed to P.O. Box 15668 Brooksville, FL 34604.

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