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At Least They're Honest


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Since Mitt Romney named Paul Ryan as his running mate, you probably have heard a gazillion reports about how awful the Ryan Budget is. But there is one public figure who has been ahead of the curve on that -- one person who has been sounding the alarm now for more than a year. That's Alan Grayson. See for yourself:

Last year, on May 20th, on MSNBC:

"George Carlin said it back in 2005: They have made us ignorant, these people who own the country. They have made us ignorant and they have made us poor. And now the next thing they want to do is to take away our Medicare and our Social Security. He said that in 2005, and it's taken six year to make it obvious that that's true. And God bless them, these Republicans like [Paul] Ryan, you know, they may be cruel, they may be heartless, but at least they're honest. They've told us exactly what they want to do with the power that they have accumulated. They want to take away Social Security and Medicare from our senior citizens."

In a July 22, 2011 note to supporters ("How Would You Save $2 Trillion?"):

"Whatever your answer on how to reduce the deficit might be, I'm pretty sure that you won't say that we should cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. You wouldn't throw Grandma from the train. Unlike some people. Unlike the 235 Republican House members who voted for the Ryan Budget in April, for instance."

A year ago this week, in the invitation to sign our petition (which 100,000+ people did sign):

"There is now an organized effort in America to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. That's what the Simpson-Bowles Commission tried to do. That's what the Ryan Budget says; the Republicans in the House already passed the Ryan Budget. And now the Congressional 'Super-Committee' is going to go after them."

On May 16th in another note to supporters ("Leeches"):

"And now the greed-heads are coming for us, with their Ryan Budget and their Medicare vouchers and their Social Security cuts and their Medicaid block grants and their student vouchers and their privatization. Now, they're coming for us. Well, here is my answer: No."

And on May 28th ("Feeding the Berbers to the Tigers"):

"The Ryan Budget feeds old people to the lions. And sick people. And students. And the unemployed. Project the principles of the Ryan Budget out far enough, and you reach a point where half of the federal budget pays for foreign occupations (much like the Romans), and the other half pays for tax breaks for the rich. "At least in Rome, the citizens enjoyed bread and circuses. Now it's no bread, and no circuses."

And less than a month ago, on MSNBC:

GRAYSON: "We do have a few senior citizens in Florida; you may have heard that. And, in fact, seniors are learning more and more about exactly how bad the Ryan Plan is going to be for them. I think Ryan also has a sense of humor [referring to Paul Ryan complimenting Mitt Romney for Romney's sense of humor]. His plan is a joke, and the joke is on all of us. I think that all of us hope one day that if we`re not already getting Medicare, we will be. And we don`t want to have to pay an extra $6,500 [under the Ryan Plan] in order to have it. But the [more] fundamental problem with his plan is that right now, seniors get care, and what they want to do is substitute the care with a check that they know is not going to be enough for the care. . . .

"The interesting thing is when the President points out all these elements, deficiencies in what Romney`s proposing for the country, Romney doesn`t even take a stab at defending the Ryan Plan. He doesn`t even try to do it, even though he`s endorsed it in the past. [Romney] can`t explain why it`s right, after the President explains why it`s wrong. That means it`s wrong."

Alan Grayson is someone who has been beating on this drum since before most Democrats knew that there was a drum. Now let's see if they can carry the tune.

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