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The Nelson-Obama Malaise -- 8.2% Permanent Unemployment


Location: Miami, FL

Responding to today's jobs report by the Department of Labor showing another month of stalled job-growth, adding to the near four-year stall in U.S. job creation, Republican Senate candidate, Congressman Connie Mack made the following statement:

"It's simple, liberal Senator Bill Nelson has voted over 150 times since the Carter Administration to raise taxes, voted to undermine the Reagan-era tax cuts, the Bush-era tax cuts, and has now hitched his wagon to Barack Obama's failed, wasteful stimulus programs and the largest tax increase in American history -- ObamaCare. For 40 years, Bill Nelson's liberal policies have failed, stalling our economy and strangling job growth. They called the Nelson-Carter policies "malaise,' and it's clear we can call the Nelson-Obama policies "failure.'"

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