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Sunshine State News - John Mica Bashes Obama on Immigration

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Location: Unknown

By Kevin Derby

U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Fl, is facing one of the most intriguing primary contests in the nation when takes on U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Fl, in August.

‭Adams is looking to position herself to Mica's right--but he shows no signs of making it easy for her. Mica looked to score points with conservatives on Monday as he came out swinging against the immigration reforms announced by President Barack Obama last week.

‭"‬You may have heard about President Obama's decision last week to grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of illegal immigrants," Mica wrote to supporters in an email sent out on Monday. "This unilateral adjustment to our immigration policy is another Obama administration decision that undermines our laws.

"Our policies should be trying to penalize illegal immigration, not reward those who abuse the law," Mica continued. "Granting legal status or benefits to those who entered America illegally is not acceptable in any manner.

"Instead of securing the border, the Obama administration has continually taken steps to undermine our national immigration laws," Mica insisted, noting that the Obama administration sued Arizona over its immigration law. "The Federal government has left the states with unstable borders, mounting violence and limited resources to fight illegal immigration, while at the same time handicapping their ability to enforce laws. Now, we have an election-year amnesty that was passed without any debate."

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