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Sanity and Sense - Jason Kendall -- Candidate for U.S. Congress District 7

News Article

Location: Unknown

By R. Van Conoley

The following is an interview with candidate Jason Kendall (JK) and (SAS).

(SAS) : Could we start with the basics like age, marital status, and present employment? *** (JK): I am 34 soon to turn 35. I am not married and I am employed in social media marketing. ***************** (SAS) : What do you view as the most important issue in your campaign? *** (JK) : I am concerned that members of Congress are much more interested in working for the special interest groups and various PAC's than serving the People of the U.S. ********* (SAS) : How will you address this issue? *** (JK) : I believe that a candidate should raise money and accept contributions only from individuals. I support a law prohibiting all corporations from contributing to the campaign of any party or candidate. *** ( SAS): The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that financial contributions constitute the right of free speech. Do you disagree? (JK) : The Supreme Court and the Federal Courts are a large part of America's problems. I believe that all federal judges should be appointed to a given term of twenty years. The lifetime appointments are presently counterproductive to the welfare of our Republic. *** (SAS) : What is another issue that you feel is important? *** (JK) : The outrageous National Debt of the U.S. is a public disgrace. Both the democrats and the republicans must accept responsibly for this crisis equally. *** (SAS) : How would you improve the economy if elected? *** (JK) : Congress can not keep spending money that it does not have. The federal bureaucracy is crushing our Republic. Also, I am outraged that Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Bill. *** (SAS): So you are opposed to Dodd-Frank? *** (JK) : Yes. Congress must pass sensible and understandable legislation and then allow the free market system to operate within the law. *** (SAS) : You sound a lot like a conservative. Are you? *** (JK) : Please do not confuse the words liberal and conservative with common sense. Congress must always use common sense when passing any legislation. Dodd-Frank is devoid of common sense and members of Congress disagree on what it means. Dodd-Frank is simply not compatible with a free and fair market economy like we need. *** (SAS) : Do you have any other suggestions about the U.S. economy? *** (JK) : Absolutely ! The extremely irresponsible members of Congress have effectively killed the common sense legislation known as Glass-Steagall. This legislation separated investment banking from commercial banking. Today a bank holding company can be both an investment bank and a commercial bank at the same time. I will not use our taxpayer money to bail out investment bankers if I am in Congress. *** (SAS) : So you would like to re-establish Glass-Steagall? Why ? *** (JK) : Under Glass-Steagall our citizen's bank accounts were insured by the FDIC. It worked fine for many decades and not a single American lost his savings when a random bank failure happened. Now with the destruction of Glass-Steagall, it appears that Congress will be underwriting investment losses by Wall Street Investment bankers. This destroys the free market system and paves the way for more disasters. *** ( SAS ) : What about social security and the social security system? *** (JK) : Social security is just one more example of how Congress has mismanaged a sensible program and brought it near the level of bankruptcy. I want to keep the social security program working for all Americans, but it will have to be modernized and restructured for the 21st. Century. ***** ( SAS) : Please summarize your remaining views that SAS has not covered. *** (JK) : Congress needs to modernize our entire tax system so that it will be fair to all Americans. We must improve our poorly operated educational system. Lastly, I want everyone to remember that the Jason Kendall campaign is about creating real jobs for Americans. If congress can modernize the FED, enact sensible banking laws, and reduce the terrible National Debt, then the free market system will create jobs for all Americans and restore greatness to our country. *** (SAS) : Thank you for your time.

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