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Nelson's Nonsense

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Location: Unknown

The Mack for Senate campaign today released a new web ad featuring Congressman Connie Mack addressing the latest sleazy attack ad from liberal Bill Nelson.

In the ad Congressman Mack states:

"Even if it were all true, and it's not, who cares.

"After all, Bill Nelson and I are candidates for the United States Senate and their are real differences between us.

"Bill Nelson cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare and voted to raise our taxes 150 times- I voted to against ObamaCare and to cut taxes.

"I want to talk about what really matters- fixing our economy, creating jobs and tackling our deficit. Bill Nelson, like a typical career politician, wants to talk about Hooters and what I did as a kid.

"Lets get serious: Our country is in crisis. It's time to debate the issues that matter, not this nonsense".

In commenting on the strategy of his liberal opponent, Bill Nelson, Mack added:

"Senator Nelson and his allies have said for months that if the Senator stayed focused on his job that the politics would take care of itself. I suppose that's why Senator Nelson has decided that his only political strategy is to try and cause Floridians to forget his very liberal record by attacking some of my private sector experience and things I did when I was young and foolish. "But with our country in crisis, people aren't interested in Nelson's nonsense. They want real solutions to our very real problems to put America back on the road to prosperity."

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