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Letter to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States


Location: Unknown

An Open Letter to President Obama: Ask for Forgiveness

Dear Mr. President:

Later this week you'll make your second visit as president to Southwest Florida, where after years of economic hardship exacerbated by the failed economic policies that you and Senator Bill Nelson have stridently championed together, you'll find that Floridians still believe tomorrow will be better than today.

That is, of course, when you and Senator Nelson have been defeated in November.

Despite everything that you and Senator Nelson have done to set them back, the people of Southwest Florida remain among the most determined, optimistic, and entrepreneurial people anywhere. They want good jobs and leaders in Washington who understand what it takes for businesses to succeed.

Florida and America are astounded by your declaration that successful businessmen have government to thank for their success. That statement should be enough to defeat you.

Your comments about business success may be the defining moment of your presidency because it so clearly showcases the difference between those of us who believe in freedom and free markets, and those like you and Senator Nelson who believe government is the answer to any question and every challenge.

You wanted to be a transformational president and you are. Working in lockstep with Senator Nelson, you have -- in large measure -- nationalized our banking system, our automobile companies, and most of our insurance industry.

You and Senator Nelson have spent, taxed and borrowed astonishing sums of the people's money to fund one failed liberal policy and experiment after another.

You and Senator Nelson have hijacked America's health care system, begun to destroy that which has been the envy of the world, and taken away the basic rights of Americans to choose the health care they want and to do so in an affordable manner.

Your failures do not end there. You have weakened our ties to our closest allies in Europe and Latin America. Your whispered promise of appeasement to former President Medvedev of Russia was appalling and your policy toward Israel is disgraceful.

Mr. President, you have come to Southwest Florida to ask the voters in the district I am proud to represent and the voters throughout the state of Florida for their support. Instead, you and Senator Nelson should be asking for our forgiveness.

There is little doubt that years from now historians will regard your presidency as one of the worst in American history. As an American president it was your obligation to fight for our freedom, security and prosperity.

Instead of fighting for our freedoms and rights, you and Senator Nelson fought against them. Instead of making us stronger, you and Senator Nelson have weakened us. And instead of making us more prosperous, you and Senator Nelson are saddling our children and our grandchildren with inconceivable, enormous debt.

Mr. President, we believe that America's best days lie ahead. And indeed we will heal from the wounds you have inflicted. But it won't begin until you, Senator Nelson, and other "LockStep Liberals" have been defeated.

Make no mistake -- we welcome the President of the United States and respect the office you represent. But if you don't hear the cheering of the people it's because you've given them so little cheer for.

Election Day, November 6, cannot come soon enough.

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV, R-Fort Myers, represents Lee and Gulf Coast Collier. He is running for the GOP Senate nomination.

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