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The Nelson-Obama Team Remains In Lockstep With Chavez


Location: Unknown

Following President Obama's statement to a Miami reporter that he does not think Hugo Chavez poses any "serious" security threat to the United States, Republican Senate candidate, Congressman Connie Mack, who chairs the House Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, issued the following statement:

"Sadly, the enemies of freedom just scored a huge victory today at the expense of our great nation, and Bill Nelson remains silent. Following the naïve remarks by President Obama regarding thugocrat Hugo Chavez, all Floridians, who share deep ties with Latin America, are getting nothing but silence from Bill Nelson who naively stays in lockstep with Barack Obama.

"How is allowing Iranian missile sites in our own hemisphere, harboring drug king pins who prey upon U.S. Citizens, and shipping petroleum products to Iran not considered a serious security threat? It is appalling and naïve that Barack Obama has again turned a blind eye to our allies in Latin America.

"Throughout his Presidency, Barack Obama has side-stepped visits to our allies, stone-walled free trade agreements and even joked about visiting his pal Hugo Chavez on board Air Force One.

"Simply put, this President is unfit for duty when it comes to understanding freedom and national security in the Western Hemisphere, and neither are his liberal allies who allow such behavior."

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