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Nelson-Obama Again Declare Class Warfare in Disgraceful Election Year Ploy


Location: Unknown

Lockstep Liberals Barack Obama and Bill Nelson both called for more taxation today. Their calls for additional taxes coincides with the Supreme Court's ruling less than two weeks ago upholding their ObamaCare tax, the largest tax increase in American History. Todays news marks the start of the classic election-year tactic by liberals to divide Americans against each other for political gain.

Responding to the these reports, Republican Senate candidate, Congressman Connie Mack stated:

"A tax increase of any kind is not an extension of any Bush-era tax relief, simply put, a tax increase is a tax increase. Liberal Bill Nelson's transparent attempt to distance himself from the President he supports 98% of the time will not stand with Florida voters. Bill Nelson opposed the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 and opposed extending them; so let's be clear on where Bill Nelson stands on the Bush-era tax cuts. Bill Nelson cast the deciding vote on ObamaCare too, the largest tax increase in American history and now has the nerve to call for more taxation today at a time when our economy remains stalled with 8.2% unemployment. All Americans need tax relief and deserve all of their elected officials to slash the federal budget. Pitting one segment of our population against another is nothing more than a cheap, liberal ploy that is both appalling and disgraceful. Enough is enough Senator Nelson."

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