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Mack: "Bill Nelson Always Knew ObamaCare Was A Tax."


Location: Unknown

Following today's ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of ObamaCare as a tax, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Connie Mack released the following statement:

"Bill Nelson cast the deciding vote on the largest tax ever placed on the American people and he will be held accountable in November by all Floridians."

"ObamaCare not only kills jobs, burdens families and runs up our already-massive debt, it oversteps its bounds by stripping Americans of their freedoms and mandating compliance with a government edict by calling the law a tax.

"Not only was Bill Nelson an unrelenting champion of the government takeover of health care, he cast the deciding vote on the most obscene new tax in our nation's history -- $525 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office, with implementation cost now doubled the original $900 billion estimate."

"When he cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare, Bill Nelson said this 'would help reduce the nation's deficit.' Bill Nelson knew this was tax, supported it and has put our nation on the road to Greece. Shame on you Senator Nelson."

"The people of Florida don't want and can't afford Bill Nelson's Lockstep Liberal ways. ObamaCare must be repealed and replaced. Enough is enough."

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