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Kaine Urges Congress to Find Middle Ground On Bush Tax Cuts


Location: Richmond, VA

Tim Kaine issued the following statement today after the House of Representatives voted for a full extension of the Bush tax cuts and rejected a Democratic alternative:

"Today's votes in the House of Representatives are emblematic of what America finds wrong with Washington. We face significant fiscal challenges, but instead of working in a serious and meaningful way to bridge the political divide, the two parties seem more interested in scoring political points through show votes that will go nowhere.

"The President and many Democrats have called to extend the Bush tax cuts below $250,000. Many Republicans want to extend all the Bush tax cuts. Both parties know that there is no likelihood of either plan passing.

"I believe Congress can, and should, find a middle ground that will protect our economic recovery while making a meaningful effort toward shrinking the deficit. That is why I have called for the cuts to expire above $500,000. This balanced approach of new revenues paired with significant spending cuts will ensure everyone contributes to deficit reduction in a meaningful way. A full, permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts, as my opponent George Allen has called for, will only make our deficits wider and force potentially catastrophic cuts to priorities like Medicare, education, and defense. The time for games in Congress is long over. I again urge both parties and both chambers to end the political games and work towards a middle ground solution to our fiscal challenges."

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