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Jim Klauder, On the Ballot in November


Location: Unknown

If you, like me, are guided by common sense you are undoubtedly fed up with congress' out-of-control federal spending, dismayed by the mushrooming national debt, discouraged by the flood of regulations pouring out of Washington, and no longer willing to be tolerant of Ander Crenshaw's acquiescence in all of the above.

A short list of Ander's failings as our representative include:

Voting (October 2008) to give big banks hundreds of billions of dollars to bail them out of their bad investment decisions.
Voting (August 2011) for a plan to increase the national debt ceiling by 2.4 trillion dollars, thereby allowing the out-of control spending to continue on unabated.
Voting (regularly) for continuing appropriation bills that cater to special interests and add 100 billion dollars a month to the national debt.
Ander doesn't spend much time boasting about his many red-ink votes, which will sink our children and grandchildren in a sea of debt. Instead, he works hard to shift focus away from his complicity in the fiscal catastrophe that is looming ahead by trying to get voters to focus on his "clout" to deliver military resources to Mayport Naval Base and NAS JAX. But, anyone paying attention realizes he can't deliver on his oft repeated promise to secure a nuclear carrier for Mayport. For years, he has been selling that pig in a poke in an effort to pander his way to re-election. It's time voters called him on it.

I am well aware that Jacksonville is a military town, or more accurately, it's a Navy town. I was an officer in the Navy and actually think it is high time we elected someone from Florida's 4th who served in the military.

Who am I? I'm Jim Klauder, and I am a "back to basics," common sense candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives. My understanding of economics is guided by great minds like Hayek and Friedman, and my approach to government is guided by the Constitution, as it was originally drafted. Last August, after Ander voted to increase the debt ceiling to an unconsciously immoral and fiscally unsound level I decided to throw my hat in the ring so that voters would have a choice -- I simply refused to stand by and watch our country go over a fiscal cliff.

When I first started thinking about running, I deliberated long and hard about the odds of winning and came to the conclusion that beating a well-funded, 5-term incumbent was the mother of all long-shots. Nevertheless, last Fall, I set about to collect the requisite number of petitions to qualify for the ballot and, while collecting over 2,500 petitions, I got an earful from hundreds of people who understand the situation and realize we have to stop the out-of-control spending.

The Federal government has become too large and too intrusive into our private lives. There will only be two names on the ballot in November, Klauder and Crenshaw. Crenshaw has a long record of growing government, onerous regulations, and broken

The bottom line is: our national debt is now the greatest threat to our country's security. How we work ourselves out of the debt overhang will be painful, with many difficult choices along the way. The real problem stems from the fact that almost half the people in our country have the idea they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them. We've reached a tipping point: we can either get back to basics or become a case-study in the history books of fiscal mismanagement.

I will be campaigning long and hard to make myself -- my service in the Navy, my experience in running a successful business, my many years of work in education, and my personal values -- known to all who care about taking back our country.

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