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Congressional Candidate, Dr. Ted Yoho Weighs in on Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona's Immigration Bill


Location: Gainesville, FL

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the most controversial piece of Arizona's immigration law while throwing out the majority of the bill. The most controversial part of the bill which allows law enforcement to verify a person's legal status if they are stopped on suspicion of a different offense. The Arizona Immigration Bill has created a whirlwind controversy which has left politicians on both sides of the aisle weighing in.

Dr. Ted Yoho, candidate for Florida's 3rd Congressional District had this to say to mark the Court's ruling:

"I am surprised by the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the toughest and most controversial piece of Arizona's immigration law. I am happy that they did however because in a small way it is a win for State's rights. The federal government has increasingly been taking away state's rights, handling issues that belong at the state level and so forth. With federal government growing as fast as it is, it is important that we respect each state's sovereignty and the 10th amendment.

"I think we will be seeing the immigration issue become a bigger hot button issue throughout the 2012 election season as near Election Day. With one single person (Obama) making a sole decision that impacts 330 million people in this country (in reference to President Obama's latest executive order), we are subverting the legislative process. Bypassing Congress was completely unacceptable and we need strong leaders in Congress that will stand up to the President.

"We all agree that we as a Nation are facing an immigration crisis. However, Washington has failed to lead on this. We need to secure the border and we can do this through a variety of means. We have the technology and infrastructure to secure the border. Next we need to implement a workable guest worker program. Coming from an agricultural background, I know how important migrant labor is to the Ag industry. We should issue a national ID and tax ID card to these workers and help facilitate the process for them to work in the United States and then go home to their native country. They would pay into the general fund but get no benefits back. Next we need to streamline the immigration process and eliminate redundancies. The process should not be shortchanged but could easily be improved. Finally, we need to make English the official language of the United States."

Dr. Yoho is a conservative businessman challenging three career politicians -- Clay County Clerk of Court, James Jett, State Senator Steve Oelrich and longtime incumbent Congressman Cliff Stearns. The seat he is seeking is the newly created Congressional District 3 which encompasses the following counties: Alachua, Gilchrist, Levy, Dixie, Lafayette, Suwannee, Columbia, Bradford, Union, Hamilton, Clay, the eastern portion of Madison and the north western portion of Marion County.

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