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Linda McMahon Statement Regarding Today's Jobs Report


Location: North Haven, CT

Today's unemployment numbers spell more trouble for Connecticut families and small business owners. They are one more sign that the economic policies that career politicians have put into place are simply not working.

Professional politicians talk a good game, but they have failed to deliver on their promises. The $850 billion stimulus Congressman Chris Murphy pushed was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%. Today, it is 8.2%. Congressman Murphy voted against extending the payroll tax cut, and voted for more than half a trillion dollars in tax increases. And, after more than a dozen years in elected office, Congressman Murphy says his jobs plan is still a "work in progress."

Connecticut needs more leadership and fewer empty promises in Washington. While Congressman Murphy has been posing for photo-ops, Connecticut has lost 62,000 jobs and wages have fallen. And today, while Americans are receiving more bad jobs news, where is Congressman Murphy? On the campaign trail asking for a promotion.

This November, voters will have a clear choice between a professional politician and a proven job creator.

Small business owners all over Connecticut have repeatedly told me that with so much uncertainty in the economy, they are simply afraid to take a risk and add employees. It is time they have someone in Washington who knows how taxes, regulations, and government mandates affect their operating budgets and their ability to create jobs.

As Connecticut's next U.S. Senator, I will be that voice.

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