Linda McMahon Statement Regarding Today's Jobs Report


By:  Linda McMahon
Date: Aug. 3, 2012
Location: Unknown

"Today's jobs report is a combination of good and bad news. The fact that 163,000 jobs have been added is positive, but the jump in the unemployment rate is another sign that the economic policies that career politicians have put into place are simply not working. Forty-two consecutive months of unemployment over 8% is unacceptable.

"Chris Murphy has held public office for nearly 5,000 days and has yet to put forward a substantive plan to create jobs. Murphy's $781 billion stimulus was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%, but it obviously failed. Worse, he continues to say that his plan to create jobs is still a "work in progress.'

"We must get Connecticut and America back to work again. That means kick-starting the economy with invigorating middle-class tax cuts and a reduction of the meddlesome red tape that stifles small business growth. If we likewise pursue an energy policy that unleashes our American potential, we will also create new jobs.

"As the next Senator from Connecticut, I will enact these policies and get our economy back on track."

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