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Rothfus Gets Marching Orders to Hide Plan to End Medicare


Location: Unknown

The people of Western Pennsylvania don't like Keith Rothfus' plan to end Medicare by turning it into a voucher program that will cost seniors an additional $6,400 per year for their health care. Now, Keith Rothfus is receiving his marching orders from inside the Beltway to do everything he can to keep Western Pennsylvania's voters from finding out that he supports the Ryan Budget. According to Politico, The National Republican Congressional Committee began blasting out memos to Republican candidates like Rothfus warning them not to say anything about their plans to dismantle Medicare so they can give new tax cuts for the wealthy.

"Keith Rothfus is so out of touch with Western Pennsylvanians that even his political allies in Washington are telling him to quit talking about his disastrous plan to end Medicare and force seniors to pay an additional $6,400 per year for their health care so he can give the wealthiest Americans a tax cut," Mark Critz for Congress spokesman Mike Mikus said. "Keith Rothfus can run but he cannot hide from the fact that his plan will be devastating for Pennsylvania's seniors."


GOP Memo: "Don't say entitlement reform' [Politico, 8/13/12]

Rothfus called the Ryan Budget "hard hitting" [Rothfus Facebook Page, 3/15/11]

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