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Report: Rothfus Caught Not Paying Taxes

Press Release

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The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat today reported that Keith Rothfus is exploiting his campaign workers while cheating the Pennsylvania and federal governments by refusing to pay payroll taxes as required under law. Going back to his first campaign for Congress in 2010, Rothfus has never paid payroll taxes for his employees, instead classifying all of his employees as independent contractors in a purposeful effort to avoid paying taxes. Because Rothfus has been caught purposefully evading taxes, the Critz campaign today called on Rothfus to repay all back taxes owed to the state and federal governments with interest going back to his 2010 campaign. Rothfus is the only candidate for Congress in Western Pennsylvania who is violating the law by not paying payroll taxes for his paid staff.

"Keith Rothfus is already on the record supporting a plan to end Medicare and force seniors to pay $6,400 more per year for health care, but it is astonishing that he refuses to pay the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes for his employees as required under law," Mark Critz for Congress campaign spokesman Mike Mikus said. "Keith Rothfus has been caught red-handed evading taxes and now he should do the right thing and repay all of the taxes he owes to the state and federal government."

Political campaigns are treated no differently than businesses in terms of classifying their workers as employees under IRS code. Rothfus' illegal misclassification of his employees forces them to pay twice the amount of taxes for Social Security and Medicare because they are forced to pay the employer and employee portions of the taxes.

"By not paying his taxes, Keith Rothfus shows that he has utter contempt for the rule of law and forces those that work for him to pay double the amount of taxes that they would pay if he were following the law," Mikus added. "Every small business in America is required to pay taxes and Keith Rothfus is no different. No matter what he thinks, even millionaires like himself are required to play by the same set of rules as everyone else."


Keith Rothfus is illegally misclassifying his employees as independent contractors in order to avoid paying taxes. [Tribune-Democrat, 8/6/2012]

The IRS has strict guidelines so that employers like Rothfus do not illegally classify their employees as independent contractors to avoid paying taxes. [IRS Website]

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