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UCGOP Applaud Congressman Chaffetz' Efforts on Entitlement Reform


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Leaders of the Utah County Republican Party (UCRP) applaud Congressman Chaffetz for his work on entitlement reform and they are taking their fight to Jim Matheson.

Utah County Party Chair, David Acheson, said "Matheson is running a lot of false ads with typical scare tactics about Medicare. The truth is we are trying to SAVE Social Security and Medicare, not take away anything that has been earned".

According to Acheson, Social Security is in dire straits and is on track to bankruptcy. "We can no longer tolerate the Democrats refusal to face facts. We want our federal delegation to know that Utah County Republicans will support their efforts to bring common sense solutions to this issue. The government's own website says that today's retirees are expected to collect benefits 40% more years than was originally planned -- and there will be a lot more people getting checks and fewer workers paying higher and higher taxes."

According to the UCRP Secretary, Kirby Glad, "In April of 2010 the delegates of the Utah County Republican convention overwhelmingly showed their support for entitlement reform when they voted to add this statement to the Party Platform:

"Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have become entitlements far beyond the minimal safety net they were intended to be. We call for urgent and significant entitlement reform which returns to the principles of free-market choice and financial self-reliance."

"We are asking all of Utah's federal candidates to commit to take a leadership role in urgent and significant entitlement reform" said Acheson.

Congressman Chaffetz prepared legislation in 2011 to reform Social Security. His proposal achieves permanent annual balance by 2051 and avoids tax increases and trust fund insolvency. Future retirees, including today's young workers, will have increased certainty regarding their retirement. "We can't fix the spending problem if we don't address entitlement reform", Chaffetz said in a released statement.

Republican leaders presented Chaffetz with a desk plate engraved with the Party's call for reform. "We hope he will keep it on his desk as a reminder of the position of Utah County Republicans on this important issue", stated Acheson.

According to the Heritage Foundation, over 70% of the federal budget goes to entitlement programs, and this spending is increase 6 times faster than any area of federal spending.

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