Chris Stewart: Romney's Pick of Ryan Reshapes Presidential Race

Press Release

By:  Chris Stewart
Date: Aug. 11, 2012
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's 2nd Congressional District candidate Chris Stewart said Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for his vice presidential running mate refocuses this critical election on policy decisions.

"Paul Ryan's bold plan's and solutions will stop our country from going over a fiscal cliff and rescue the economy. This becomes an even clearer contest of ideas between the two parties," Stewart said.

Stewart said we stand at a tipping point in our nation's history. The middle class is being pinched like never before, and current policy squanders our children's future.

"We need to take action now. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have the courage to take a stand on important issues rather than kicking the can down the road," Stewart said.

Stewart runs on the platform of ratifying a balanced budget amendment, enacting entitlement reform, and ensuring our national defense.

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