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End Medicare for Seniors


Location: Golden, CO

Today, Perlmutter for Colorado released the following statement concerning Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Joe Coors' plans to end Medicare as we know it for Colorado Senior Citizens:

"Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee solidifies their extreme commitment to more budget-busting tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires paid for by senior citizens and hardworking Americans. Romney and Ryan will continue their efforts to dismantle Medicare and shift thousands of dollars in health care costs to seniors," said Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-07).

Perlmutter continued, "And while my opponent, Joe Coors, tried to hide his support for the extreme Personhood constitution amendment this week, there is no hiding from his party's Vice Presidential nominee and their plan to end Medicare as we know it. It may not matter to millionaire retirees like Joe Coors, but it matters to thousands of Colorado seniors who rely on Medicare, and I'm going to keep going the extra mile to stand up for our seniors and the hard working folks in Colorado's 7th Congressional District."

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