Our Retirement Safety is at Risk


By:  Brandon Shaffer
Date: Aug. 14, 2012
Location: Unknown

Today marks the 77th anniversary of Social Security, and for three quarters of a century our nation has fulfilled its promise of a secure retirement for each generation to come.

But that safety is at risk.

The extreme partisan crusaders in Washington, including my opponent Cory Gardner, have voted to shift Social Security savings into the private market. Imagine where our seniors would be if their retirement had been tied to the stock market in 2008.

Nearly 514,000 Coloradans rely on their Social Security benefits, over 80,000 of them live in this Congressional District. Colorado's seniors can't afford Cory Gardner's gambling with their Social Security while he gives tax breaks to special interests.

Stand with Colorado's seniors today, and join my campaign with a $5 contribution. Let's stand together and fulfill the promise we've made.

You know, there's a lot of confusion and misguided fear being used to scare and bully voters, so let's get the facts straight. Americans pay into Social Security, and without it, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans who have been contributing for decades risk falling into poverty. The program is solvent for at least two decades, and Social Security doesn't contribute a single penny to the deficit.

I will fight to ensure Social Security and Medicare remain financially sound, now and in the future, but moving savings into risky private markets is a dangerous gamble our seniors can't afford.

I helped save a similar program following the stock market crash of 2008 when Colorado's public employee pension system (Public Employee Retirement Association, "PERA") took a ten billion dollar hit. As a State Senator, I used Colorado Solutions to seek support from both sides of the aisle to make Colorado one of only three states to fix its public employee pension system. A reformed PERA means security for the nearly 475,000 senior citizens and hardworking public employees of Colorado.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

Just $5 from everyone reading this would do it.