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Pace Calls Out Part of the Problem Tipton in First Debate

Press Release

Location: Pueblo, CO

In the first debate for Colorado's Third Congressional District seat, Sal Pace (D-Pueblo) called out his opponent, U.S. Congressman Scott Tipton (R-Cortez), for being a part of the partisanship and gridlock in Washington.
Tipton continuously defended partisanship, stating that he's not in Washington to "get along" with others.

Pace, citing his strong record working in a bipartisan fashion at the State House, said he would take that work ethic to Washington to start getting things done for the people of Western and Southern Colorado.

"People are tired of inaction,'" Pace said. "They are tired of nothing getting done even though people agree on so much. That's the biggest contrast I wanted to make last night: I'm more interested in getting things done instead of continuing the rigid ideology and gridlock."

In the debate, Pace asked Tipton why, if they agree small businesses should be incentivized and workforce training should be a priority, has he not worked with others to accomplish those items. Tipton resorted to the same Washington rhetoric by blaming the U.S. Senate Democrats. Pace countered that the blame game needs to stop.

"This just sounds like more of what we have in Washington, one side bashing the other, one part of Capitol Hill bashing the other," Pace said. "Let's get over that."

Tipton also applauded the radical Paul Ryan Budget, that would change Medicare into a voucher system. Pace criticized Tipton on the Ryan Budget saying a lot of people "felt scared" about the radical legislation.

Pace scored the biggest cheers of the night when he suggested to Tipton to ask Speaker Boehner next week when he's in Colorado fundraising, to instead call everyone back to D.C. to pass the Farm Bill.

"If I were your congressman, I would have not voted to come home on recess for five weeks until we passed the farm bill," Pace said.

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