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Owens Votes Against Relief For Farmers Hit By Skyrocketing Feed Costs


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The U.S. Department of Agriculture says severe drought conditions will cause consumers to pay up to 4 percent more for groceries next year. Members of Congress -- including Democrat Bill Owens -- left on a taxpayer-funded holiday without providing relief to farmers struggling through the worst field conditions since the 1930s.

"Since my opponent went to Washington, people in his district have struggled to make ends meet. There are 5,200 more unemployed people here today than there was when Bill Owens took office. Gas prices have increased by almost $1 per gallon. And now people can expect their food costs to go up," said Matt Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate in the 21st Congressional District. "Before Bill Owens left town, he voted against a drought-relief package that would have helped our livestock producers hurting over huge spikes in feed prices. It's becoming clear that my opponent doesn't know how to help hard-working Americans."

While Owens and his colleagues enjoy their break, more than three-quarters of the contiguous United States continues to experience drought-like conditions.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization announced yesterday that the bad weather caused global food prices to increase by 6 percent in July, the biggest such increase since November 2009.

Doheny continued: "When disaster struck, our district needed Bill Owens and his colleagues to put aside partisan differences and provide relief. Instead, consumers - including those right here in the 21st district -- are going to pay up to 4.5 percent more for dairy products, up to 4 percent more for poultry and eggs and up to 3.5 percent more for pork at the grocery store."

The candidate concluded: "When times are tough and money is tight, it's clear we can't rely on Bill Owens to get the job done."

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