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Upendra Chivukula says, "Congressman Lance Must be Pleased to Have Fellow Tea Party Stalwart Paul Ryan as Pick for Vice President'


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Today Congressman Paul Ryan was named as the vice-presidential choice for Gov. Romney, bringing the debate squarely into focus over the far right and extremist Ryan Budget.

The Ryan Budget even prompted conservative Newt Gingrich to call the budget "right-wing social engineering" because it lowers taxes on millionaires in an attempt to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, the middle-class, and hardworking families.

Congressman Leonard Lance was endorsed by Ryan in his primary, and Lance wholeheartedly supported the Ryan budget -- one guts Medicare, severely cuts veterans benefits, and limits women's access to reproductive healthcare centers.

"I suspect Congressman Leonard Lance is very pleased today as Mitt Romney has chosen someone so closely aligned to Congressman Lance's Tea Party views. By voting for the Ryan Budget, Congressman Lance endorsed turning Medicare into a voucher system, cutting veterans benefits, and limiting family planning access through Medicaid cuts -- all while cutting taxes for millionaires," said Upendra Chivukula, Democratic candidate for New Jersey's 7th Congressional district.

"It's radical and reckless yet this is what we have come to expect about Congressman Lance. Let the debate begin now," noted Chivukula.
Upendra Chivukula welcomes debating the Ryan Budget with Congressman Lance and believes that the hardworking families of the 7th district deserve a strong voice in Congress.

"I will meet Lance for as many debates as possible, so people can see that he is someone who has become a rightwing tea party Republican, and now chooses to support millionaires over Medicare," finished Chivukula.

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