Gary DeLong Has a New Running Mate: Republican Presidential Plan to End Medicare

Press Release

By:  Alan Lowenthal
Date: Sept. 6, 2012
Location: Long Beach, CA

After Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate today, Republicans in the Congress and the Presidential race have made their budget a top priority -- a budget that raises taxes on the middle class and eliminates Medicare as we know it just to give out more big tax cuts to billionaires, millionaires, and corporations.

Ryan is the architect of the Republican budget plan to privatize Medicare, protect tax breaks for big oil, and lower taxes for millionaires, while simultaneously increasing the budget deficit and national debt. Ryan has already personally endorsed Gary DeLong and made the maximum allowable contribution to his campaign.

"I've proven again and again my ability to reach across the aisle to find real solutions to the tough problems facing our country. I'll work to preserve critical programs like Medicare and Social Security instead of sacrificing them to further benefit millionaires and huge corporations," said Alan Lowenthal, candidate for the newly-drawn 47th Congressional district.

"Gary DeLong supports the Republican plans to eliminate Medicare and make the middle class pay for more tax cuts for millionaires like himself," said Mike Shimpock, a strategist for the Lowenthal campaign, "In Congress, DeLong will be another vote for the Republican agenda attacking the middle class. Alan is the only candidate who has proven his ability to make the tough decisions and find bipartisan solutions to the real problems facing our communities. He won't sacrifice our seniors and middle class just to give more handouts to billionaires and huge corporations."

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