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Costa Supports Extending Tax Cuts for Valley Families and Businesses


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Jim Costa supported extending tax cuts for Valley families, businesses, and farmers who without action will see their taxes increase on January 1st. This legislation will extend the current tax rates another year.

"When I go home to Fresno, what I hear most from families, farmers, and businesses is that they need certainty," said Costa. "Instead of focusing on the art of the possible, the debate over the nation's tax policy has focused on the art of scoring political points and brinkmanship. In the absence of comprehensive reform, extending tax cuts for families and small businesses while at the same time protecting family farmers from a bump in the estate tax is the responsible thing to do. "

Costa has long supported comprehensive tax reform that will simplify the tax code so it makes sense for all Americans. Real reform requires all options to be put on the table, not singling out or helping one constituent or industry group over another.

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