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Robert Hurt Votes To Stop The Tax Hike On Hard-Working Americans


Location: Unknown

Congressman Robert Hurt today released the following statement after voting in favor of two pieces of legislation that would stop the massive year-end tax hike on the American people and put in place expedited procedures to address the critical need for true tax reform:

"Families and small business owners across the 5th District have expressed their concern with the federal government creating an unstable environment back home, and part of their concern is tax uncertainty. As Central and Southside Virginians suffer from high unemployment in a stagnant economy, the last thing we need is to dig deeper into our pockets and create more uncertainty for hard-working Americans.

"Now is not the time to raise taxes on anyone. Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem and the President and Senate's proposed tax hikes will only lead to fewer jobs and more spending at a time when the American people are counting on us to get our economy back on track.

"That is why the House has not only addressed the tax hike threat, but we have gone a step further to address the need for dire tax reform that is critical to our future prosperity. Stopping the job-crushing tax hikes now and reforming the tax code to be simpler and fairer going forward are two initiatives that are critical to moving this country forward and preserving opportunities for our children and grandchildren. It is my hope that the Senate will follow our lead and send these bills to the President's desk so we can put an end the uncertainty and get our economy back on track.

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