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O'Donnell Challenges Hoyer to Debate

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Early last week, Tony O'Donnell, Republican candidate for Maryland's 5th Congressional District challenged incumbent Democrat Steny Hoyer to a series of debates.

In a letter to the Hoyer Campaign, O'Donnell suggested two televised debates and five additional debates, one in each county of the district. O'Donnell stated,

"I propose that you and I engage in a series of debates staged for maximum exposure to allow for voters to choose for themselves between your vision of an ever expanding government and my belief that as Thoreau wrote: "That government is best which governs least."

O'Donnell believes our democratic system of government is best served when as many voters possible understand the significant policy differences between candidates on issues such as America's energy independence , the tax burden imposed on hardworking Marylanders and the ominous increase in the national debt over the last four years.

O'Donnell's campaign is working venues and non-partisan sponsors and moderators for the debates. Hoyer's campaign has not yet responded to the challenge.

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