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Eric Knowles Endorses Dan Bongino for U.S. Senate, July 31, 2012


Location: Unknown

From the very first day of boot camp the Air Force drill instructors ingrain and instill a certain set of core values in every Airman that steps up to take the challenge. These are the first three things I look for in anyone who seeks to serve this country and represent us as an elected official. In every meeting, every speech, and every time I see Dan Bongino on this extremely taxing campaign trail, I see these three traits personified in him.

Integrity First. I believe Dan is in this fight for all the right reasons and I believe those reasons will stay the same from his first day as a Senator to the day he leaves the office. His will is unshakeable. I do not see Washington changing him, but instead the other way around. Dan will change Washington.
Service before Self. I have met some of Dan's former co-workers in the Secret Service and they have told me of his work ethic, his dedication and his intensity. But what surpasses that is the fact that he gave up that to do what he feels is his duty and is necessary to not only stand up for his home of Maryland but for the country and everyone in it.

Excellence in all we do. Dan has taken on one of the most entrenched incumbents and one of the most difficult races in the country. Does that stop him? Does he complain? Does he make excuses? I can assure you that answer is a resounding no! While his opponent relies on and hides behind his money, Dan is out amongst the people everyday-never discouraged, always shaking hands and being the change he wants to see in this world.

I am very proud to have met him, to be able to call him a friend and to endorse what I hope will be the next Senator of Maryland. While I'm in the trenches of this fight, it encourages me to know that Dan is fighting on our side.

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