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Spread Liberty News - Primary Winner, Congressional Candidate and Liberty Lover, Eric Knowles Interview

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SpreadLibertyNews: What inspired you to run for Congress?

Eric Knowles: As an Air Force veteran I am duty and honor bound to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, as I swore an oath to God upon entering the service. I used to turn wrenches and make aircraft mission ready in the effort to preserve our Constitutional system, after studying my Constitution and realizing that our government has nearly completely lost its way in regards to it I had no choice but to take on the task of trying to live up to the oath I swore.

SpreadLibertyNews: What does the r3VOLution movement mean to you?

Eric Knowles: To me the r3VOLution means a revitalization and reaffirmation of our adherence to the Constitution, small government and individual responsibility. It's a shift in our society from the restriction and the mental prison that comes with apathy and complacency to the animating contest of the realization of our freedoms and our power as individuals. It is the sleeping dragon that people refer to when talking about the greatness and resiliency of the American people.
And it's only just beginning.

SpreadLibertyNews:How are your thoughts about the Federal Reserve system?

Eric Knowles: The Federal Reserve is the lynch pin that needs to be pulled out if we are to achieve economic freedom which is inseparable from all other aspects of freedom. Not only is it entirely unconstitutional, but it is entirely dysfunctional. The Federal Reserve is what makes big government possible and is the largest and most deceptive form of taxation ever created. The fact that it is still relatively unknown and not understood within our society is what makes it such a danger to our prosperity. This is a fact that I will change.

SpreadLibertyNews: What is the most important "category of issues" to you? Civil liberties, taxes, etc. and Why?

Eric Knowles: Protection of our Civil liberties is the foremost responsibility of our federal government, which is unfortunately largely ignored or nearly forgotten by our elected officials. Not only will I remind my colleagues of their sworn duty but I will remind the people of their duty to immediately fire any official that compromises the rights we were endowed with by our creator.

SpreadLibertyNews: If elected, what would be your first move?

Eric Knowles: Surround myself with good people. We'll have a lot of work to do.

SpreadLibertyNews: Why do you think you have what it takes to be in the federal government?

Eric Knowles: My life has been one challenge after another. From a Green Beret/Drill Instructor of a father with a knack for extreme forms of discipline to relentlessly strict Karate Masters to Air Force Drill instructors that tried their best to shake my will; I remain unbreakable. I'm here because I have an obligation to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I will not falter in this duty.

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