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Issue Position: Labor Relation Commission Nominees

Issue Position

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Governor's Council candidate in the 8th District and former Springfield Mayor Michael J. Albano today announced he would only confirm nominees to the Labor Relations Commission "whose background and experience reflects support for working men and women."

Mr. Albano stated, "the Labor Relations Commission issues rulings impacting the lives of thousands of Massachusetts workers. Given the economic squeeze middle income families have endured during the past 12 years, wage relief is not just overdue but should be expected from the Labor Commission."Citing a report from the Drum Institute for Public Policy: "The Middle-Class Squeeze 2008" which stated: "Between 2000 and 2005 real median household incomes in the United States has declined by 2.5%, falling each of the first 4 years of the Bush Administration, falling by as much as 2.2% annually. Overall real median income has declined since 2000 by an average of 1.5% per year. According to a recent survey, working class families headed by adults younger than 65 have seen ever steeper declines."In addition, the former Mayor noted the increases in the cost of consumer products including insurance and health care, energy products, education and home ownership.Mr. Albano stated, "clearly, middle income families have suffered greatly during the recession - the worst time economic time period since the Great Depression.""A strong middle class is essential to an economic recovery for the nation. The Labor Relations Commission can and should make a difference for working families."Mr. Albano has received endorsements from organized labor in his prior campaigns for the School Committee, City Council and four terms as Mayor of Springfield."While corporations are sitting on record profits, working men and women continue to struggle and without corresponding wages increases" the former Mayor stated.Mr. Albano is currently a Member of the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges, SEIU 1973.

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