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Bustos: Canton Should "Move On" from Cook Medical Tax

Press Release

Location: Canton, IL

Former Alderwoman and health care marketer Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline) has doubled down on her position that everyone needs to accept the government health care takeover and "move on."

In March, Bustos told the Chicago Tribune, "It's time to move on from the debate about repealing the Affordable Care Act." Bustos reiterated that position in a press release on June 28th, arguing that "our leaders in Washington need to move on."

But for struggling job-creators in the Illinois 17th District, "moving on" simply isn't an option.

Cook Medical, a medical device manufacturer in Canton, Ill., has been hit hard by the medical device tax, one of many taxes in the job-killing government health care takeover.

"This medical device tax isn't just hurting business, it's hurting our ability to hire and create jobs, and it will delay access to breakthrough medical technologies for American patients," said Steve Ferguson, Chairman of Cook Medical in Canton, Ill. "We need this tax to be repealed."

U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) said he's spoken with thousands of people across the 17th District who are demanding that Washington repeal and replace the government health care takeover.

"We can't afford more taxes on job-creators, especially in this struggling economy," Schilling said. "Hard-working Americans in places like Canton know that the health care takeover is nothing but a massive tax increase disguised as health care reform. We must do everything we can to repeal the job-killing government health care takeover and replace it with bipartisan, transparent health care reform that lowers skyrocketing health care costs while increasing access to care for all Americans."

Schilling said that he won't stop talking about health care until the problem is solved.

"No matter what my opponent suggests, we can't solve problems by changing the subject," Schilling said. "The government health care takeover raises taxes, adds to the deficit, and kills jobs. People in towns like Canton know that we can't 'move on' until we solve the serious problems facing our health care system and costing American jobs."

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