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Schilling Statement on July Jobs Report


Location: East Moline, IL

Upon the release of the July jobs report, U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) today released the following statement:

"While unemployed families are struggling to put food on the table, Washington Democrats have prioritized the job-killing Obama tax hike which is estimated to cost more than 700,000 jobs. Enough is enough.

"Today's jobs report is simply unacceptable. Four years ago today, unemployment stood at 5.8 percent--it has now risen to 8.3 percent. Even though this number is bad enough on its own, it doesn't account for the underemployed or the people who have simply given up looking for work. When we factor that in, we see that real unemployment stands at 15 percent. This is inexcusable.

"Yesterday, the Senate voted unanimously to adjourn. I voted to 'govern before going home' in the House because our work isn't done. The Senate should have passed--even debated--some of the 30 bipartisan jobs bills passed by the House in an effort to turn this economy around.

"My opponent in this race has made every effort to distract from the fact that she would have voted for the Obama tax hike, which would devastate small businesses and kill tens of thousands of jobs in the Illinois 17th District. While I'm focused on creating jobs, she wants to get into the job-killing business.

"We've tried it the Washington way, and now 15 percent of Americans are unemployed or underemployed--the Washington way has failed. It's time to stop robbing American small businesses. It's time to stop robbing American workers. It's time to abandon the Washington way and let the people create jobs the people's way."

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