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Bill Foster Statement on Congressman Paul Ryan's Selection as Romney Vice Presidential Pick


Location: Naperville, IL

Bill Foster released the following statement today in response to Mitt Romney picking Congressman Paul Ryan to be his nominee for vice president:

"Governor Mitt Romney's choice of Congressman Paul Ryan, creator of the Republican budget that Congresswoman Biggert voted for that decimated Medicare, left Seniors with a bill of $6000, and raised taxes on the middle class, all in order to protect tax cuts for corporations and billionaires, just shows how out of touch the Republican party is with ordinary people," said Bill Foster. "Congresswoman Biggert called the Ryan budget the best choice for Illinois, but in reality it was the best choice for the most wealthy people and for the corporations that fund her campaigns. The decisions made by Congresswoman Biggert are a clear indication of the direction she and her party have taken, where money and power is rewarded with tax breaks and favorable legislation. America's economy is at it's best when the middle class prospers. We need people in Washington who will stand up for middle class families."

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