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Flashback Friday: Congresswoman Biggert Repeatedly Votes to Extend Bush Tax Cuts for the Corporations and Billionaires Instead of Fighting for the Middle Class

Press Release

Location: Naperville, IL

This week, Congresswoman Biggert and her Tea Party colleagues sided again with Wall Street and Washington special interests by voting to extend the Bush tax cuts for billionaires and corporations who ship American jobs overseas. Then they promptly left for vacation, refusing to come to the bargaining table and leaving tax relief for Illinois middle class families hanging in the balance.

This week's mess in Washington should come as no surprise as Congresswoman Biggert voted repeatedly for the Bush tax cuts over her tenure in Congress, consistently siding with corporations, Wall Street and Washington special interests, and the wealthiest, while voting against policies that benefited middle class families.

Economic growth in the eight years following the Bush Tax Cuts was the worst in modern history, with zero job creation, trillions of dollars of new national debt, the loss of one-third of the manufacturing jobs in the United States, and a financial collapse that cost the average American more than $50,000. In contrast, in the eight years before the Bush Tax Cuts, economic policies that favored the middle class resulted in the strongest period of uninterrupted job growth in our nation's history.

Flashback 2001: In 2001, Congresswoman Biggert voted in favor of the Bush tax cut package that reduced taxes by $1.35 trillion through 2010, paid for by policies that prioritize the wealthy over the middle class, such as income tax cuts for the wealthy and a phase-out of the federal estate tax for the wealthiest Americans.

Flashback 2001: In 2001, Congresswoman Biggert voted in favor of a $214 billion ($260 billion with interest) stimulus proposal that included a $6.5 billion tax break extension for financial corporations with overseas operations, thereby providing incentives for companies to ship American jobs overseas.

Flashback 2003: In 2003, Congresswoman Biggert voted to accelerate the 2001 Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

Flashback 2004: In 2004, Congresswoman Biggert voted against a substitute to a budget resolution that would balance the budget by 2012 by a combination of middle class tax cuts, as the $1,000 child tax credit and the marriage penalty relief for working families, and a reduction in tax cuts for those who make more than $500,000 a year.

Flashback 2004: In 2004, the same year she voted against policies that provided tax relief to middle class families, Congresswoman Biggert voted for legislation that cut corporate taxes by $140 billion.

Flashback 2006: In 2006, Congresswoman Biggert voted in favor of a $70 billion tax cut bill that favored the wealthy and corporate profits over the middle class. The bill extended the Bush tax breaks on capital gains and dividends for two years, but only included a one-year patch for the Alternative Minimum Tax, a tax that was particularly painful for millions of middle class families.

Flashback 2010: In 2010, Congresswoman Biggert voted to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for all taxpayers, including the highest earners, for two years and set the estate tax at 35 percent on estates worth more than $5 million for two years.

Flashback 2011: In 2011, Congresswoman Biggert voted against legislation that eliminated the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 a year.

"Washington is broken because instead of reaching across the aisle to compromise in order to make sure middle class families have the tax relief they need, Congresswoman Biggert and her Congressional colleagues have held middle class tax cuts hostage in order to accommodate billionaires and corporations that fund their campaigns," said Bill Foster. "It's time for Congress to put partisan politics aside and get its priorities straight. My first and foremost priority will be advocating for the best interests of the middle class."

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