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Congresswoman Biggert Votes Again to Give Tax Breaks to Billionaires at the Expense of the Middle Class


Location: Naperville, IL

Congresswoman Judy Biggert joined the Tea Party in Washington yesterday to give billionaires and corporations more tax breaks even though she supports drastic cuts to Medicare that would force seniors to pay thousands more for care. Over her 13 years in Washington, Congresswoman Biggert has become part of the problem, siding with billionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas instead of putting middle class Illinois families first. Congresswoman Biggert already admitted that she "made mistakes" and "spent too much," but today she voted with Washington instead of Illinois.

Today, Bill Foster criticized Congresswoman Biggert for once again failing to put the middle class first. He called for a sensible bipartisan solution that protects middle class families.

"Washington is a mess, and yesterday I was disappointed to see Congresswoman Biggert and her Congressional colleagues make the problems worse by voting to protect tax breaks for billionaires and the corporations that fund her campaigns instead of standing up and doing the right thing for Illinois middle class families," said Bill Foster. "Congresswoman Judy Biggert once again sided with her party to make sure the corporations and billionaires who have the money and power to drown out the interests of the middle class pay fewer taxes. What our economy needs is a thriving middle class -- and at a time when the influence of corporations and special interests continues to increase at an alarming rate, we need people in Washington who will work to fight for those who don't have a voice."

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